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Choosing a finish for the exterior of your home can be difficult, especially since there are so many different finish options available on the market these days. Do you choose the more traditional coloured paint? Or do you go with a more modern coloured render?

Continue reading to find out more about the differences between a coloured render and a painted home.

Coloured Render

Rendering, in general, has become more popular over recent years, as more colour and textured finishes are available than ever before.

A coloured render is a render that can be tinted or coloured to create any shade.

It is usually applied in multiple layers to an already existing surface and is suitable for a wide variety of different surfaces.

The most popular coloured render options include acrylic and silicone render. Acrylic is popular to use as a coloured render because it retains its colour exceptionally well and results in a vibrant finish.

It is also UV resistant. Silicone render is durable and looks newer for longer, ensuring that the colour looks fresh for a more extended period. It is also breathable and water resistant.

Benefits of using coloured render

  • A wide range of colours and texture finishes are available
  • More resistant to UV rays, mould and water
  • Less likely to peel or crack than paint
  • Adds a layer of protection to the exterior of your home
  • Increases the property market value of your home
  • Durable
  • More natural-looking than paint
  • Adds strength to the exterior walls
  • Up to 20 times thicker than paint
  • Results in a vibrant, fresh finish
  • Requires less maintenance (although it may need to be cleaned every now and then)

Cons of a coloured render

  • It can be more expensive than regular paint
  • It needs to undergo a drying period after the layers are applied, which means your home can be left exposed


Using paint to transform the colour of a surface has long been a popular option, and understandably so. Paint comes in countless colours and shade options to suit many different tastes.

It is easy to apply as a surface finish, and the colour can be easily changed or added to depending on a person’s preferences.

The very makeup of paint has also improved over the years, becoming more mould and water-resistant.

Benefits of paint

  • Countless colours and shades are available
  • Easy to apply to a surface
  • Can freshen up or revitalise any room and surface
  • Improved lifespan
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to modify
  • More affordable than coloured render

Cons of paint

  • It can become chipped and cracked over time
  • You may need to reapply and touch up every so often
  • Messy to apply
  • Strong smell when applying it
  • It can take a while to dry

When it comes down to it, deciding between coloured render and paint is a personal choice. There are significant benefits for each option, as well as a few disadvantages.

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