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Acrylic Render

Acrylic render, mixed with bondcrete, is water resistant. Acrylic is suitable for rendering and patching over most substrates including clay, concrete, bricks, blue board and foam.
Acrylic render is designed for use as a skim coat applied in layers ranging from 2mm to 100mm at time. Acrylic render will not display typical sand and cement weaknesses such as ” herringbone cracking ” and “drumminess” greatly enhancing the life of the rendering job and provididng a stable and protective surface for subsequent coating of paint, trowelled on coating, etc.

Texture Colour

Texture Colour is a contemporary render style. It’s a coloured finish, any tint you specify to us, and may be used internally or externally.
Texture colour coatings are manufactured from the highest quality emulsions, sands and selected fillers, together with fungicides to provide a long lasting, high quality finish.

White Setting

White setting is a pre-packed, quality controlled fine powdered, off-white render, that mixed with water can be applied by projection machinery or by hand, directly onto brick, concrete walls, blue board, etc.
Set walls are often damaged by others trade. This is a major problem with traditional set finishes but not with PROYALBY and FINO PLUS, as a quick skim of fino plus over damaged areas leaves the surfaces ready for painting saving you time and money.