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When installing or replacing walls, drywall is usually considered to begin the finish. Likely, coatings of plaster and paint will be required for completion. However, blue board is easier and better situated than drywall. The blue board render Sydney property owners will receive when installed by ANB Cement Rendering has great quality. The blue board render Sydney residents can expect will add value.

Blue board rendering in Sydney is usually done by wall-board craftsmen because of the techniques that are involved to properly apply it. Therefore, the blue board render Sydney builders use should always be applied by professionals. Experienced installers of blue board will know how to avoid problems that can arise during and after the installation.

Used since the 1940s, drywall is made of Calcium Sulphate and Gypsum. It usually takes longer to complete an installation using this product. A thin coat of paper is applied to drywall, and it can be cut with a utility knife. Using the blue board, on the other hand, is a much better board because of the blue paper covering. It’s better than drywall at receiving coatings such as Acrylic-based rendering. ANB Rendering is the premier company for blue board rendering in Sydney.

The blue board render in Sydney bonds with the special blue paper that resists scratching, holes and dings. The blue board rendering Sydney uses is top of the list over drywall rendering. It’s the first choice for rendering.

Blue board rendering in Sydney is usually coated with an acrylic-based render. The acrylic is applied in thin coats. The blue board rendering Sydney offers is essentially made of the same material as dry wall, except for the paper that is applied to it. The paper that goes on before blue board rendering at Sydney ANB Rendering is blue, as the name states. It has a special treatment that allows for specially-formatted render.

The blue board render Sydney offers is often preferred. The final appearance of the rendering is very much superior to other renders. To corner blue board render in Sydney, renderers use a quick tape then the plaster is applied.